Kevin Jablonski

senior consultant

Dr. Kevin Jablonski is a talented management coach, educator, and business consultant with a wide breadth of experience across diverse industries. He has provided comprehensive organizational, clinical, and operational consultation to individuals and businesses throughout the world. He has a proven record of effective, pragmatic consultation to independently owned startups, elected officials, non-profits and financial institutions, and aerospace and medical

As a senior consultant with the telos institute, Kevin uses a strengths-based approach to help ensure that clients develop and grow their talents to effectively lead people and projects. He believes the client is best informed to set their personal objectives and that together they can work as "thought partners" to achieve an excellent outcome. Kevin also believes that collaboration, innovation, and cultural competence are critical in understanding and affecting sustainable change.

Kevin studied psychology, business economics and management, medicine and public health. He
earned his doctorate in clinical health psychology and subsequently specialized in medical psychology, law enforcement psychology, and business management. He has spent nearly three decades developing health and wellness interventions, leading teams in project development, and guiding the successful implementation of innovative programs addressing productivity, employee development, DEI, injury reduction, and personal advancement.

Kevin and his family reside in Los Angeles and they also spend a great deal of time in Costa Rica. He enjoys traveling and finds great joy in immersing himself in diverse cultural experiences. His tenacious curiosity has led him to study business analytics and visualization, statistical modeling, lamination baking, Flamenco guitar, and viticulture/enology.