Patrick Walker

senior consultant

Patrick Walker is an accomplished entrepreneur, strategic consultant and coach. He has over three decades of experience navigating all aspects of starting and growing a business through disruptive change and reinvention in challenging markets, industry upheaval, and technological change. As a senior consultant, Patrick consults with leaders at all levels of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to smaller regional firms. Patrick’s work has been both broad and deep, including strategic consulting, exit and succession planning, attracting and retaining top talent, as well as helping both individuals and organizations to identify, work with, and grow beyond their blind spots – a process necessary in business environments of rapid change and increasing complexity.

As the founder of a digital design and manufacturing company, Patrick wore all the usual entrepreneurial hats, but it is in the areas of individual and team development and growth that he is most keenly focused. In this capacity, he has trained with Integral Coaching Canada, The Neuroleadership Institute, The Center for Applied Rationality, Otto Scharmer, Robert Kegan and Terri O’Fallon.

Patrick’s approach is playful but direct, supportive but challenging, and he is devoted to finding the sweet spot we all require to continue our personal and professional evolution. His approach provides enough discomfort that clients are sufficiently engaged and open to new ideas and behaviors, but not so much that people are overwhelmed – all in service to healthy transformation and sustainable new outcomes. He loves to read, study, and travel with his wife Jeanne. Patrick also loves to play music, which he did many years ago on cruise ships. He also spent a season on a crab boat out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska, between semesters of his studies at Western Washington State University in Elementary Education. Patrick will readily admit to his “checkered past”.