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12+ Month Development Experiences

Learning for high-functioning adults is best done in ‘liminal’ spaces…outside of our normal surroundings and daily routines. Immersion in a new and unfamiliar environment predisposes you to think differently; to examine yourself, your business strategy and key relationships from a perspective too often unattainable while staring at the same four walls of your office. Exploring these concepts while also exploring the edges of your capabilities radically enhances the ‘stickiness’ of your learning.

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Available Destinations

An Opportunity to Think Differently

We know experienced, successful business owners, C-suite executives, and distinguished performers in any industry have little left to ‘learn’ about their particular discipline. Instead, they are looking for more effective ways to hone and refine themselves as leaders, instruments of change, and innovators within their organizations, as well as their wider spheres of influence.

telos leadership ventures are designed specifically to that task: year long, cohort-based development experiences where growth and change are catalyzed by an intense physical challenge, and supported by both individual and group coaching.

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A Powerful Development Methodology

This is an innovative, impactful and cutting-edge approach to professional development that resonates powerfully with every participant. telos leadership ventures present participants with all of the necessary ingredients to challenge paradigms and bring about personal and professional insight – the core components of real, sustainable transformation.

While leadership development forms the bedrock of each venture, we also tailor programs to support strategic planning, succession planning and team-building goals, as well as the development of executive coaches.


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telos invites you and your organization to partner with our venture development specialists to design your own custom experience. Deliberately choose content, identify modes of facilitation and select a catalyst location, all leading to an experience that drives the outcomes your organization seeks. 

In addition to custom ventures, telos also offers open enrollment programs comprised of individuals from all walks of life who seek personal and professional growth.

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