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transformative expeditions. extraordinary results.

We know experienced, successful business owners, c-suite executives and distinguished performers in any industry have little left to ‘learn’ about their particular discipline. Instead, they are looking for more effective ways to hone and refine themselves as leaders, instruments of change and innovators within their organizations, as well as their wider spheres of influence.

telos leadership ventures are designed specifically to that task: professionally guided, physically ambitious personal/professional development journeys in awe-inspiring locations around the world.

An Opportunity to Think Differently

Learning for high functioning adults is best done in “liminal’ spaces… outside of normal surroundings. Immersion in a new and somewhat unfamiliar environment predisposes us to think differently, to examine ourselves, our businesses and key relationships from a perspective too often unattainable while staring at the same four walls of our offices. Exploring these concepts while also exploring the edges of our physical capabilities radically enhances the ‘stickiness’ of the learning when you return home.

A Powerful Development Methodology

telos leadership ventures integrate the landscape of remote and beautiful locations with high-level executive coaching dialogue. It is a powerful development methodology in which leaders find the time, space and guidance to begin a thoughtful evolution of their leadership relationships as they cross-train mind and body.

Being part of a small and supportive cohort of like-minded leaders makes each telos leadership venture a significant and a lasting experience. These transformative expeditions are designed to spark innovative thinking and create sustainable, personal breakthroughs in addressing leadership, strategy and change.


the telos leadership venture experience

The telos leadership venture experience involves:

  • a three-to-six day challenging excursion where you will be able to focus on yourself, your goals, vision and action plan
  • leadership coaching that integrates the landscape into your personal and professional development
  • group activities and discussions crafted to meet the needs of each unique cohort
  • personal reflection time to consider self-selected areas of focus as well as topics proposed by your leadership guides

Prior to departure, you will undergo:

  • online assessment (to help understand your default behaviors as well how key stakeholders rate your leadership effectiveness)
  • initial leadership coaching based on your personal and professional objectives
  • training and exercise tips to prepare yourself physically
  • online opportunities to get to know your leadership guides and fellow participants

Upon your return, you will receive individual leadership coaching focused on helping you successfully transfer new awareness, insights, key learnings and habits into your daily activities.

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