leadership venture outcomes

Your highly personalized telos leadership venture provides powerful data and experiences to help you emerge from this transformational experience with a deeper understanding of the power of your leadership. As a result, you will:

  • embark on a personal journey of discovery and purpose by immersing yourself in challenging, remote, and beautiful locations
  • question convention, test your assumptions and consider new possibilities in a supportive learning environment
  • validate or recast your personal vision to guide your decisions and choices throughout your personal and professional life
  • inspire and lead at all four levels of leadership – yourself, your team, your organization and within society
  • maximize your organizational impact with tools that will help you deal with the intensity, diversity and adversity of today’s work environment
  • learn from your peers and broaden your network of senior executive colleagues
  • learn to balance and sustain your energy for the work of leadership
  • leave feeling confident, energized, empowered and excited about the evolution of your leadership ability

a recent testimonial

“The whole experience was great. The outdoor and unplugged dimensions facilitate the internal work processes in a way that cannot be reproduced. An awesome combination.”

telos leadership venture participant