Leadership Development

telos engagements are built upon the belief that the success of every organization is directly related to the quality and character of those involved. Thus, investing in the development of people is the optimal means for driving sustainable business success.

At telos, our leadership development services build the most critical skills for success at each level of the organization. Whether focusing on developing individuals or better aligning the collective efforts of leaders and the systems through which they influence the organization, telos can provide the tools and resources to help.

Our renowned leadership development programs, custom coaching initiatives, and access to world class assessments provide everything needed to steer learning, fuel sustained success, and prepare leaders for what’s next. By uniquely combining cutting edge research with real world experience, telos helps individuals and organizations maximize performance and achieve results.

Leadership Coaching

As a leader, you know the importance of continually improving your skills. telos’ individual, team and group-focused coaching solutions can make a difference at all levels of the organization, from a first-time manager to the CEO in any sector.

Our Approach

Group Facilitation

Professional facilitation can transform the way you collaborate and optimize the investment of time spent together. At telos, our facilitation services promote effective dialogues to develop innovative solutions and robust policies. These effective dialogues help parties to work together more collaboratively and generate better results.

Our Approach

Enterprise Transformation

Today more than ever, CEO’s, C-level executives, general managers and business unit leaders are faced with a need to significantly alter the very fabric of their enterprise. Success on the road ahead may require nothing short of transformation.

Our Approach

Case Study

how we helped a global financial services company

business needs:
A global financial services organization sought to achieve a significant lift in business results.

telos consultants partnered in designing and delivering an 18 month regional coaching engagement involving 63 of its highest performing financial advisors.

At the end of the 18 month period, advisors who had been coached saw a significant lift in business results, including a 223% increase in net new assets under management (versus +11% for those not coached).

How Can We Help You?

“The focus and clarity that the engagement with telos has provided me is nothing short of life altering. As a youth I had confidence out of arrogance, now I have confidence out of awareness and self-knowledge. Even though the process has shown that my skills are deep in only a few capacities, that my skills are deep in a few capacities and can be applied towards a self-determined goal is awe inspiring. Control of destiny is really substantiating where you want to go and the process you will follow to get there.”

– Dan L., VP
Fortune 100 Financial Services Firm