An Invitation for the New Year

by: Rick Simmons

As an organization, we’ve planted our philosophical flag in several key areas, including:
– periods of discontinuity create an openness to change
– new levels of greatness lie latent within us all, both individually and collectively

It seems these beliefs are converging amidst our current reality. We’re living in a global
period of disruption and thereby disproportionate opportunities to generate meaningful shift
for ourselves, our teams, our organizations, and even our society, swirl around us.
Similarly, untapped levels of effort, resolve, resilience, and creative genius lurk just below
the surface and wait to be liberated.

In many ways, this can feel like the work we do at the telos institute. Yet, what
if this was also the work we needed to do for ourselves, first? How might we be better
agents of change if we had first taken steps to emerge more definitively, more
declaratively, and more boldly as practitioners, as leaders, and as human beings?

We invite you to consider:
– what long overdue declarations will this period of pandemic unleash from within you?
– what newfound resolve will you discover and in what direction will you choose to point it?
– what latent creative genius will you cultivate within yourself in support of all those you
care for most?

Let’s make 2022 a year of emergence, a year to accelerate our learning, a year of discovering and rediscovering the greatness within us all, for the betterment of all.