Renewal and Discovery: Unleashed



As experts of harnessing the power of liminal space we are staying true to the goals of Renewal and Discovery: Unleashed and are excited to offer this sought-after professional development experience in a new way.

This re-imagined experience includes:

  • Weekly 90-minute sessions over the course of five weeks, beginning the week of April 20
  • Small, consistent cohort to encourage connection and support
  • Explore timely themes and tools that provide space for reflection and meaning-making
  • Access to specially-designed platform for further resources and cohort-specific connection
  • Activities and reflection prompts to deepen learning
  • Inspirational offerings for cohorts collectively
  • Experience guided by telos consultant

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What is Renewal and Discovery?

Join us for an immersive experience

Renewal and Discovery is the sought-after professional development experience for senior leaders seeking to transform their ability to lead, think strategically, and drive change. Through the use of techniques and experiences rooted in our proprietary use of liminality, participants in the re-imagined experience will explore: Awareness and Presence, Connection and Courage, Values and Priorities, Unleashing Opportunity.

More than ever the Renewal and Discovery: Unleashed experience is relevant for your professional and personal growth!

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Why Attend?

Read what past participants have to say...

“I have a much deeper understanding now of liminality and how I might identify, create, refine, and expand liminal space for myself and for my team.”

“I really loved seeing how well the experiential approach resonated with the entire group of participants!”

“Deep gratitude for a preposterously well-conceived and well-executed day.”

“I was moved by the level of authenticity in the way everyone interacted and communicated. telos makes that happen.”

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