Change Management 2

Our work with organizations around the world and in a vast array of industries confirms that great leaders distinguish themselves by knowing that change simultaneously represents both challenges and opportunities. At telos, we support leaders and their organizations as they navigate the dynamic aspects of a changing world by encouraging them to embrace the continual nature of change as an important strategic advantage.

Organizational Change

An organization’s performance stems from its structures, processes and systems as well as from individual and collective behaviors. The basis for sustained organizational change, therefore, emanates from shifting mindsets, newly learned capabilities, improved team and group dynamics, and a defined and strengthened culture.

Our Approach

Merger Management

Mergers and acquisitions are transactions that provide unique opportunities to rethink your business and fundamentally transform the organization in a way that creates and sustains significant value. At telos, we assist our clients in knowing the connection between how organizations are born and developed and the implications these trajectories have on future performance.

Our Approach

Succession Planning

Our succession planning approach provides world-class companies across all industry sectors with objective, evidence-based management practices to help ensure the right leaders are ready, when and where they are needed – now and in the future.

Our Approach

How we helped two Fortune 500 retailers

business needs: Successfully merge the IT divisions of two Fortune 500 retailers.
Specifically, integrate two divergent, yet potentially complementary cultures.

solution: telos consultants designed an integration strategy that provided for enterprise-wide communication throughout the merger. Employee discussion groups and town hall meetings were part of this strategy. telos also provided executive coaching to senior leaders throughout the merger to deepen the impact.

benefits: Robust communication and increased leadership capacity resulted in superior operational effectiveness and high levels of employee retention that far exceeded industry benchmarks and have endured post-merger.

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“Amy and her team were deliberate in their approach to the creation of the integration strategy, yet equally agile in responding to the unexpected elements that arose throughout the rollout. I can’t imagine any organization tackling a challenge of this magnitude without professional guidance, specifically, from the team at telos.”

– Bob K., Vice President, IT
Fortune 500 Retail Industry Leader