Cassie Harb

Coordinator, Operations & Administration

Before entering her role as a Branding Coordinator of Operations and Administration, Cassie graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Photography. Prior to her four years at CIA, Cassie graduated from Lakeland Community College where she earned her Associate of Arts degree. In her time during and after school, Cassie has worked with an array of people and organizations tackling and leading a multitude of design projects. This experience has helped her to grow as a designer as well as an individual, and has given her the background and skill sets that help her to flourish in her role of elevating the telos institute’s brand.

As a Branding Coordinator, Cassie works with the Marketing and Social Media teams to create meaningful content that showcases the telos institute’s mission and core values. Through collaboration, she aims to find thoughtful and creative design solutions as a means of defining and reinforcing the telos brand voice. Cassie’s ability to think strategically combined with her passion for design allows her to find clever solutions to complex problems. Her goal is that through her work, others can better understand who and what telos is, while also encouraging them to support our message and the work we do.

Cassie finds value in spending time in nature and doing things that allow her to tap in. In her free time, she loves yoga, travel, reading and creating.