Janelle Mainiero

Manager, Operations & Administration

Prior to her work as Manager, Operations & Administration, Janelle spent her career leading and providing service and support to the retail and hospitality industries. Her attention to detail, commitment to others, eagerness to learn, and emphasis on providing excellent customer service has been central to her success at telos.

In addition to her contributions at telos, Janelle is a certified yoga instructor. Her experience and passion for yoga, movement and breath has helped to challenge the telos community and provides useful insight in the creation of client initiatives.

After graduating from The University of New Hampshire, Janelle spent several years working with adolescents in a residential therapeutic environment where her passion was solidified for helping others, and developing and bringing greater awareness to listening, nurturing, and meeting individuals where they are. Through this work, Janelle excelled at utilizing strength-based approaches to skill building, problem-solving and emotional regulation, social-skills development, and preparation for independent living.

Currently residing in Park City, Utah with her husband and two cats, you can find Janelle outside exploring all that Utah has to offer and picking up every outdoor activity possible.