Mike Herzog

President & Chief Experience Officer

Mike Herzog is a catalyst for change. For 25 years he’s worked with leaders to create and sustain profound transformation. As a director, experience design, Mike works with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small, regional firms. Mike has extensive experience in every aspect of the change journey, but his passion is working at the intersection of operations and people, helping organizations to cultivate high-performing cultures and to strengthen employee engagement. Mike deeply believes the workplace should be a place where individuals thrive while contributing to something larger than themselves.

As the Chief Experience Officer, Mike works with leaders and teams to challenge their assumptions, clarify their objectives, and smash through barriers. People describe Mike’s approach as a gentle ferocity. Practical, yet deeply soulful. Scientific rigor with a dash of crazy wisdom. When it comes to personal transformation, Mike believes it’s best to begin from a foundation of authenticity and strength, then build up.

Over the years, Mike has trained with Integral Coaching Canada, The Strozzi Institute, The Collaborative Operating System, The John Maxwell Team, Diane Musho Hamilton, and Circles of Heart and Stone.

When he’s not working, Mike is a writer, motivational speaker, and avid martial artist. He enjoys traveling the world with his wife, Kathie. When they’re not exploring, Mike and Kathie live in Lafayette, Indiana.