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At telos, our focus is at the crossroads of our clients’ most critical issues and highest leverage opportunities: business strategy, leadership development, and change management.

Operating globally, cross-pollinating successful mindsets, processes, and approaches across all industries, telos tempers deep functional expertise with broad insight to drive transformational outcomes.

From large-scale, enterprise-wide interventions to smaller targeted initiatives, our consultants are equally experienced working in C-Suite settings or starting in the middle of organizations and building momentum.

Organizational Strategy

At telos, we believe that clarity of purpose and a compelling vision of the future are essential to transforming business outcomes. This belief demands we begin every strategy engagement by focusing on these essential, and often overlooked, fundamentals.

Strategy: What We Offer

Leadership Development

telos engagements are built upon the belief that the success of every organization is directly related to the quality and character of those involved. Thus, investing in the development of people is the optimal means for driving sustainable business success.

Leadership: What We Offer

Change Management

Our work with organizations around the world and in a vast array of industries confirms that great leaders distinguish themselves by knowing that change simultaneously represents both challenges and opportunities. At telos, we support leaders and their organizations as they navigate the dynamic aspects of a changing world by encouraging them to embrace the continual nature of change as an important strategic advantage.

Change: What We Offer