Organizational Strategy

At telos, we believe that clarity of purpose and a compelling vision of the future are essential to transforming business outcomes. This belief demands we begin every strategy engagement by focusing on these essential, and often overlooked, fundamentals.

Every telos strategy engagement begins by working side by side with our client to uncover their unique and compelling vision for the organization’s future. Once we have this firm foundation in place, we work in partnership to chart a course for future success. This course is grounded in the realities of the marketplace, the capabilities of the organization, and the shared goals of all stakeholders and aims to stretch and sharpen organizational ambitions.

Throughout client engagements we frequently uncover additional and/or specific opportunities to drive performance improvement. These initiatives often include business model innovation and performance/process improvement. As we discover these opportunities, telos consultants are experienced in helping clients to thoughtfully explore options and supporting the implementation of solutions for each of these areas that are based on organizational needs and align with unique organizational goals.

Business Model Innovation

Business model innovation is about fundamentally rethinking your business around a clear—though not always obvious—customer need, then realigning your resources, processes and profit formula with this new value proposition.

Our Approach

Performance/ Process Improvement

Performance and process improvement initiatives at telos begin by assessing the clarity of an organization’s desired outcomes, examining existing process efficiencies, and exploring ways to optimize the link among these key elements. Perfecting this linkage for an organization is the key to helping them deliver the highest quality products and services, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output.

Our Approach

How We helped a nationwide professional services firm

business needs:
A fast growing professional services firm sought to balance the opportunity to gain market share in a growing market segment with its assumed need to expand infrastructure while minimizing the outlay of capital and/or utilizing debt to fund its growth.

telos engaged founders in a process to address the current operational circumstances as well as align decision-making with long-term aspirations for the future. Specifically, we addressed the competing commitment of desired growth and the assumed need to outlay large amounts of capital to fuel their ambitions. The organization embraced an out-sourced delivery model to balance the need for enhanced capabilities with the desire to keep fixed costs and infrastructure to a minimum. This lean and nimble design enabled quick responses to market opportunities and drove high levels of deliverable quality and profitability.

The rendered solution addressed both the desire to grow with the need to minimize capital investment that resulted in unforeseen growth. In addition, the unexpected dramatic increase in cash flow allowed for ongoing reinvestment into the business and further served to fuel enterprise growth.

We'd Like to Help You

“Rick and his team at telos helped us discover a solution we didn’t even know existed. It’s often difficult to see all the options available when faced with some of today’s most complex business challenges. We’ve realized the value of having a strategic business partner to help us thoughtfully and imaginatively address our industry’s competitive landscape. telos has distinguished itself from the crowd in every respect and will continue to be one of our most valued and trusted strategic business partners.”

– Bryan W., Business Owner