Emerging Leader Volunteer

we’ll always need leaders. we’re starting early.


Read Carefully Before Filing Out This Application 

All volunteer applicants accepted into the program will go through a three stage process:  

  1. Review of completed volunteer application 
  2. Third party background check ($25 cost paid by applicant) 
  3. Skills interview 

After completion of each stage, you will be advised of your status and provided the information required for you to complete the next stage.


Volunteer Roles

House Manager: Ensures a comfortable environment for all program participants. Manages program onsite logistics (activities, meals, transitions between activities, etc) as well as safety and security including contingency plans.

Facilitator: Creates an interactive and safe environment in which the Fellows can learn. Leads program according to curriculum design while inspiring and challenging Fellows in their learning journey.

Coach: Meets with Fellow for an hour up to 6 times per year to help them understand their strengths and opportunities for growth. Provides life and leadership coaching based on Fellow interests and co-develops the Fellow coaching plan.

Mentor: Meets with Fellow at least 6 times per year to discover their interests and create ongoing dialogue and support. Provides guidance and advice on career plans. Introduces Fellow to contacts that will support their leadership journey.

Building Leaders One Step at a Time Hike Volunteer: Assists with fundraising efforts, on-site registration, social media initiatives (such as support with content creation), leading hikes, and food coordination and cleanup.

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