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reviews from leaders and ceo’s

“The key to driving transformational change is knowing both how and when to do it. Unleashed provides the insights and tools to do both. We have trusted Rick and Amy Simmons to guide our key leaders using these concepts.”

Mark Smucker, CEO, The J.M. Smucker Co.

“This is a must-read for anyone who is, or aspires to be, a change agent for the betterment of human systems.”

Ronald Fry, PhD, Professor of Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University

“Amidst a period of true liminality in the health care industry, Unleashed offers us a roadmap forward, one grounded in resilience and agility, rooted in reality, and enabling equally all that’s possible. A brilliant book!”

Cliff A. Megerian, MD, CEO, University Hospitals Health System

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where the authors found inspiration

Authors Rick Simmons and Amy Simmons first uncovered liminal space―the idea that periods of uncertainty have the power to reshape our lives―while studying abroad for their graduate program in organizational behavior.

Shortly afterward, they began experimenting with another idea: rather than waiting for an inflection point to occur, they could launch it themselves―curating their own liminal experiences and accelerating their growth. Helping others navigate liminality and create it themselves became the heart of their work.

Unleashed: Harnessing the Power of Liminal Space is a two-part guide, illuminating the potential of liminality for individuals, teams, and organizations, and breaking down its elements so readers can launch their own liminal experiences.

With stories from leaders helming organizations of all sizes, from a regional health facility to a corporation with products in 90 percent of American homes, Unleashed provides the practical and theoretical insights necessary for transformation.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be used to support the telos Leadership Foundation.

about the authors

Rick Simmons and Amy Simmons are the founders of the telos institute, a leading global organizational development firm specializing in business strategy, leadership development, and change management.

As CEO, Rick guides the vision and strategic direction of the firm. Previously, he held senior strategy and sales leadership positions within the financial services industry.

Amy is currently an Advisor to the telos institute, drawing on her background in adult learning theory, curriculum, and course development to align client development needs with content delivery throughout the organization. Prior to founding telos, she served in various coaching, training, career management, and recruiting roles.

Both earned masters of science degrees in organizational behavior from Case Western’s Weatherhead School of Management, where they met. Partners in work and life, they live in Ohio with their four children.

Rick Simmons

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Simmons


what executives and authors are saying

Unleashed will help you unlock the power of purpose. It is a rich blend of wisdom, compassion, and practice that will help you turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.”

Richard Leider, Best-Selling Author of The Power of Purpose and Repacking Your Bags

“As our company approached significant organizational and leadership change I found this book incredibly valuable and empowering. It enabled an awareness of the inflection point, or liminality, that allowed our leaders to grow…and ultimately thrive! An excellent learning experience for business and life!”

Tony Mercurio, President and Chief Executive Officer, National Interstate Insurance Corporation

“Rick and the telos team helped me navigate the C-suite but more importantly guided me through a life-changing and unexpected brush with mortality. I came away from the life and career-altering experience feeling better about myself and my place. Count me as a believer in the teachings of Rick, Amy and the telos family…”

Julian Kim, M.D, Physician Executive, Surgeon and Educator

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