the telos leadership foundation's Emerging Leaders Fellowship

we’ll always need leaders. we’re starting early.

The Emerging Leaders Fellowship is an annual, yearlong program that leverages the same methodologies the telos institute uses in coaching global clients, tailored for our next generation of diverse leaders and focused on populations that are underrepresented and underserved throughout the world.

The program intentionally engages emerging leaders in a manner that recognizes, utilizes and enhances their strengths. It promotes positive outcomes by providing opportunities, nurturing positive relationships and providing the support needed to build on their leadership capabilities.

As the program assists each emerging leader in identifying and then building on their individual leadership strengths, they learn to understand and collaborate with those who have diverse perspectives, and to build their professional network. Emerging leaders participate in a unique series of leadership development experiences; individual and team coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities – culminating in a week-long immersive catalyst event. These opportunities furnish groundbreaking moments and change-making conversation. 

Termed “liminal intensive,” the week-long experience inspires participants to grapple with fundamental questions of self-knowledge: “Who am I; why do I do what I do; who do I want to be in the future?” Curated liminality is the key methodology (developed over 16 years by the telos institute) which guides participants into “liminal space” where a sense of discontinuity creates openness to genuine change… to break from static, unproductive behaviors and find new paths forward. To take risks, contemplate what is possible, and explore the unknown.

This is the power of liminal space, and the immersive quality we seek to curate during the catalyst event… to harness the opportunity we create within ourselves for powerful, positive change.

Each emerging leader graduates as a telos leadership foundation Fellow. The program seeks to:

  • Prepare participants to emerge as positive, emotionally and socially aware leaders ready to contribute to our world today.
  • Provide transformational leadership development opportunities for diverse leaders, enabling them to create solutions that address our community’s most pressing challenges.
  • Introduce new ideas and perspectives that are different from their own.
  • Provide the insight and guidance that often doesn’t present itself (or become evident) until later in their careers.


Apply Here

Evaluation Criteria for Emerging Leaders Fellowship Applicants

As we evaluate applications, we admit emerging leaders who excel within the context of our applicant pool. We are proud of the emerging leaders we enroll, and we understand that we can’t admit every incredible applicant who applies.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Selection of one cohort of emerging leaders to participate in the fellowship and June trip to Utah
  • Focusing on diverse populations that are underrepresented and underserved throughout the world.
  • To apply, you must provide:
    • Application (required)
    • Resume (required)
    • Letters of reference/recommendation from two adults – i.e. family member, teacher, coach, employer, mentor, church leader, etc. who can speak to your leader skills and qualities that identify you as an emerging leader (required)
    • Interview (this is done to help us evaluate if you are the best candidate/fit for this program)
    • Complete a background check (at the Applicant’s expense)

Note: Failure to disclose complete history of the above or any falsification of information required for admission consideration may result in immediate disqualification and/or loss of acceptance into the Emerging Leaders Fellowship program.

The Applicant shall complete an industry standard criminal history background check and all sound screening practices prior to an Applicant’s official start date at the Applicant’s expense. The Authorized User reserves the right to view the contents of a background check prior to approving the Applicant.

  • Application timeline:
    • Candidates apply by December 15th 2023, and receive notifications by April 2024