The Practice of Authenticity: Business & Personal Tools for HR & OD Leaders


Friday, December 15th, 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Laguna Hills, CA


As a Human Resource, Organizational Development, or Leadership Professional you’re often tasked with supporting the widely varying needs of the organization and a complex workforce. The constant effort of navigating the world of business, emotion, and leadership leads to a steady and significant drain on your own physical, mental, and emotional resources. What’s more, for any individual tasked with guiding an organization and supporting its workforce, the separation between what is urgent/important and your own work-life boundaries can blur.  And often, we adapt to the new normal of less sleep, meals on the go, and supplanting personal/professional needs for those of the organization and the others we support.

The result? We are left attempting to fill others cups from our own increasingly empty one. That is, unless we create the space and invest the time in renewal.

Periodically investing in one’s self, and in developing and nurturing the tools for personal/professional growth unlocks new opportunities and greater satisfaction. Finding the space to connect to your authentic self, identify your motivating purpose, and investing in supportive activities helps you to renew and replenish.

Finding and engaging the best version of yourself allows you to unleash greater performance and success.



the telos institute invites you to join fellow Human Resources, Organizational Development, and other people development leaders for a day of professional development, community building, and personal restoration. You will participate in a unique session, combining tools and techniques used by HR/OD professionals at Fortune 50 companies, along with individualized mindfulness practices, to create the following results:

  • Increase your toolkit for influencing and partnering with internal clients/business/strategic partners
  • Learn to effectively integrate helpful mindfulness practices into your own and your organization’s routine and culture
  • Strengthen your connection and commitment to your personal mission, your gifts and strengths as a builder of team and developer of leadership potential
  • Create meaningful connections and expanded your community of like-minded change makers


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