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Performance and process improvement initiatives at telos begin by assessing the clarity of an organization’s desired outcomes, examining existing process efficiencies, and exploring ways to optimize the link among these key elements. Perfecting this linkage for an organization is the key to helping them deliver the highest quality products and services, in the most productive way, at the most competitive cost and time to output.

Strategic priorities, and therefore which processes matter most, can shift over time. Leadership changes, economic cycles, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder pressures, reorganizations and changes to incentive systems can all affect strategic priorities. With so many factors impinging on which processes matter most today, telos consultants help top management unpack the multitude of existing variables and counsel them on where — and where not — to focus attention. Specifically, telos leverages its proprietary organizational assessment, design, and solution delivery approach. By utilizing our ‘Levers of Organizational Performance’ we provide a clear road map by which to navigate these initiatives and ensure the use of a proven approach.

telos works with each client to prioritize key processes based on its ability to quickly, consistently, and sustainably impact the achievement of highest priority outcomes. A cross-functional approach is used at each step along the way to broaden perspective, unearth the best solutions, ensure broad advocacy, and encourage organizational self-sufficiency.

In the end, the rhythm and cadence by which a business operates predicts enduring success when it matches with the organization’s key strategic priorities. Synchronizing these elements and supporting this ongoing alignment is the hallmark of a telos performance and process improvement engagement.

How we helped a U.S. materials management company

business needs:
A U.S.-based materials management and advisory firm sought to scale its offerings, streamline its operations, and drive higher levels of predictable profitability.

telos utilized its proprietary performance and business management model as the chassis for assisting our client. The engagement timeline followed a systematic deep dive into telos’ four key levers of organizational performance and assisted our client to align each of these critical domains in the direction of success.

By synchronizing these key areas, out client saw immediate lift in the ability to attract and retain talent, a narrowing of product offerings that has driven measurably higher levels of profitability, and has created an operational rhythm and an internal cadence of communication that has radically streamlined workflow.

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