Lee Caplan

Client Ambassador Liaison

Lee is an accomplished professional with extensive experience in business and problem solving. As a result of his two decades in the software industry, Lee has a sophisticated understanding of the impact of human interactions inside a highly technical environment. He also has in-depth knowledge in goal and quota planning and establishment, variable compensation/incentive plans
and their execution, and the design of customer engagement programs for both new and existing clients. Lee’s approach to client relationships is to develop an open and direct relationship so that ideas can be communicated freely, directly and effectively. In his role as Director, Business Development, Lee leads his team to develop and support long-term evolving relationships.

Prior to joining telos, Lee spent 20 years at Hyland Software Inc. and 15 years at The Sherwin-Williams Company. During his time at Hyland, he advised executive management and implemented numerous programs that supported the growth and maturation of almost every major area of the organization. While at Hyland the organization grew from 40 to over 4,000 employees and revenue grew approximately 50 times.

Lee thrives on identifying opportunities to help organizations move forward and evolve. He is passionate about measurement, tracking and the identification of leading key indicators, with an emphasis on “WGMD” (What Gets Measured Gets Done). He believes that measurement creates awareness and enables the establishment of reasonable but reaching goals based on a known starting point, which ultimately motivates individuals, teams and organizations to grow and improve.

Lee is a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in accounting. He obtained his Foundations of Coaching Certification from Case Western Reserve University.

Lee believes that you can only live forward and that the best is always yet to come. He resides in northeast Ohio with his wife and has two grown daughters. He enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, thinking and being outdoors.