Matt Mazur

Director, Client Relations

Matt Mazur is an experienced learning and development professional who has spent his career designing learning experiences for individuals – ranging from elementary school to advanced career. Matt leverages his inherent curiosity and passion for learning to spark a deep motivation for development that lies within each individual. Utilizing a flexible and inclusive approach to content delivery, he has demonstrated a clear ability to adapt content to the client system. Matt has spent much of his career navigating the resource-thin world of non-profit organizations which has enabled him to develop a certain creativity and ability to maximize the inherent strengths of the human system.

As a designer, Matt strives to build meaningful experiences that harmonize with the strengths and abilities of the client ecosystem. By seeking first to appreciate and then approaching complex issues with curiosity, Matt creates a challenging and encouraging environment that serves to move individuals and organizations in the precise direction that they desire. Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Science in Positive Organizational Development from Case Western Reserve University. He currently resides in Chagrin Falls, Ohio with his wife, Ashleigh, and two dogs, Cricket and Lincoln. Outside of design work, Matt is a deep appreciator of the natural world and can be found enjoying the outdoors in just about every way imaginable.