Michele Niehus

Director, Operations & Administration

Prior to joining the telos institute as director of operations, Michele spent over 30 years leading and working in the hospitality industry. As part of running a profitable business, she was responsible for creating a positive experience for both employees and customers. Additionally, Michele played a key role in mentoring and training the youth who worked for her and participated as a critical member of the community that her restaurant served.

Working behind the scenes in her role at telos, Michele leverages her experience running a successful business and her service mentality to ensure that things flow smoothly across the organization. Michele’s expertise in problem solving and her ability to adapt and manage through constantly changing environments allows our teams to do their job without having to worry about operational details.

Michele attended Kent State University and currently lives in northeast Ohio with her husband and her two adult children, one of whom is currently serving in the US Army. She enjoys cooking, hiking and spending time with her golden retriever.