Steve Cooke

Chief Administrative Officer

Steve has 26 years of experience in Human Resources and Operations. Steve’s experience includes sales, finance, marketing and human resources. Over the course of his career Steve has helped organizations navigate the challenging waters of growth. This has allowed him to work with small entrepreneurial companies as well as Fortune 100 companies and gain experience in a wide variety of systems. The opportunity to help people and organizations operate effectively and successfully have a driving factor in his career.

Steve leverages his varied experiences in the development of companies and applying the best practices he has learned. He takes advantage of his exposure in the various operational business areas to help cultivate a company that works cohesively to achieve the functional goals while maintaining the core values of telos. He uses his experience in all operational areas in times of change to help the organization make informed decisions that can propel it forward.

Steve has been married to his wife, Kara for 26 years. They have 2 kids, Molly and Abigail. In addition, he has 4 dogs, a cat and guinea pigs. They live in Murphy, TX which is about 25 miles North of Dallas.