Makhtesh Ramon, Israel

At A Glance

An Israel leadership venture is a year-long development experience involving at least 120 hours of interaction over 12 months with additional community support:

  • personal reflection time to consider self-selected areas of focus as well as topics proposed by your leadership guides
  • assessment to help understand your default behaviors as well as potentially how key stakeholders rate your leadership effectiveness 
  • personal assessment thoughtfully selected to best fit the goals and objectives of the group and to help drive desired results 
  • one-on-one leadership coaching to identify your personal and professional objectives and successfully transfer your new awareness, insights, key learnings and habits into your daily activities
  • concierge support team to anticipate your needs, answer questions and provide support throughout the experience

about this venture

This new telos leadership venture takes us across one of the smallest yet most resonant geographical locations on earth, the land of Israel. Experiencing both Israel’s wondrous physical features and the current of global history flowing through its every square meter, we will push the limits of our vision of leadership and of our purpose in life. With several opportunities for journaling and reflection, and a singular mix of nature, history, and culture, this leadership venture offers a truly unique experience.

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Program Highlights

  • Explore the nature, history, and culture of the land of Israel with your telos coaches and Israeli guides.
  • Explore breathtaking views and diverse landscape, including Machtesh Ramon crater, the cliffs of Masada and the city of Jerusalem, while exploring key leadership challenges.
  • Take time to learn from the landscape and the history through custom exercises designed to draw inspiration from the unique Icelandic landscape.
  • Take advantage of time and coaching after your exploration into Israel to not only examine new insights but to work with your coach to embed your new learning.

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