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5/22/2022 |

Feeling stagnant? Create a disruption: Rick Simmons 

Founder and CEO Rick Simmons provides tips to on how to create disruption to unleash the greatness within.


1/18/2022 | WKYC

How to take control in 2022 and make lasting changes with CEO Rick Simmons

As a way to kick off 2022, Founder and CEO Rick Simmons had an in-depth conversation with WKYC’s Stephanie Haney on how to take control in the New Year (and even embrace the chaos!)


6/23/2022 | WEWS

The Telos Institute leadership program gives underserved youth a shot at success

The telos Leadership Foundation’s Ron Soeder speaks to local Cleveland ABC affiliate about how the program gives underserved youth a shot at success


3/11/2022 | Lay of the Land

#64: Rick Simmons (the telos institute)

Founder and CEO Rick Simmons speaks to Lay of the Land’s Jeffrey Stern. Stern speaks to CEOs in an effort to tell stories of entrepreneurship in Cleveland. This in-depth conversation is informational and inspiring


11/6/23 |

Helping the Next Generation of Leaders Succeed

Community Leader Ron Soeder provides valuable insights on developing future leaders in the community


9/18/23 | WKYC “We the People”

How One Organization is Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

WKYC’s Kierra Cotton sits down with Sinegugu Gasa, Executive Director of the Telos Leadership Foundation, and Current Telos Fellow Imane Lamine about the organization’s mission.


12/3/23 |

We Must Carefully Navigate the Power of Connection in the Digital Age

As part of a contest designed by The telos Leadership Foundation sponsored an essay contest and agreed to publish a Letter to the Editor about an issue important to them