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Mergers and acquisitions are transactions that provide unique opportunities to rethink your business and fundamentally transform the organization in a way that creates and sustains significant value. At telos, we assist our clients in knowing the connection between how organizations are born and developed and the implications these trajectories have on future performance.

telos merger management expertise

telos merger management expertise drives results in circumstances such as these:

  • Acquiring company (or financial intermediary) seeking to optimize financial outcomes
  • Merging organizations looking to co-create the new organization’s vision and future strategy, as well as optimally integrate human capital
  • Acquired company hoping to drive higher levels of employee engagement and produce results aligned with parent company objectives

While immediate gains are often achieved, at telos, we emphasize a long-term perspective on the merging of cultures and the creation of high-performing organizational climates. This mindset provides both the organizational efficiencies and financial results so often desired in a transaction.

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How we helped a Fortune 500 consumer products company

business needs:
A Fortune 500 consumer products company sought telos’ involvement to supports the integration of the company’s largest acquisition in its 100+ year history.

telos successfully designed, developed, and delivered an enterprise-wide executive coaching initiative that seamlessly integrated with an existing internal change management program. These initiatives combined to help build the skills and capacity necessary for leaders from the legacy organization and its newly acquired company to come together and work together in exciting and productive new ways.

Educating and accelerating the adoption of the legacy organizations culture by the newly acquired company’s leadership was a key objective and a fundamental success of this engagement. This intervention also helped leaders to collaborate on difficult decisions with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Ultimately, this resulted in driving the desired synergies from this acquisition.

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