Organizational Change 2

An organization’s performance stems from its structures, processes and systems as well as from individual and collective behaviors. The basis for sustained organizational change, therefore, emanates from shifting mindsets, newly learned capabilities, improved team and group dynamics, and a defined and strengthened culture. Thoughtfully addressing these critical levers serves as the first few formative steps in creating true organizational change.

organizational change initiatives

telos organizational change initiatives typically involve:

  • start-ups that know ‘it’s easier to stay right when you start right’
  • high-growth enterprises seeking to sustain momentum while avoiding potential pitfalls
  • mature businesses hoping to reinvent, reinvigorate, and reengage for the future

These engagements specifically address issues such as designing reporting structures that support transformational growth; talent assessment, realignment and reorganization; transfer of leadership; succession planning; and rewards systems. telos works closely with organizations to build an in-depth, shared understanding of the enterprise and the factors influencing performance. We then design and implement a tailored approach that often includes interventions to build skills, shift mindsets, empower leaders, and align talent that ensures successful and lasting change.

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“The telos team worked seamlessly together and exceeded our expectations on all fronts. There were some skeptical voices in the organization before we began this effort, but these same voices are now the most vocal champions for the work that was conducted and the outcomes that resulted.”

– Owner and President of International Sales

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