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Our succession planning approach provides world-class companies across all industry sectors with objective, evidence-based management practices to help ensure the right leaders are ready, when and where they are needed – now and in the future.

Our Approach

This approach encompasses all phases of the succession planning process. We collaborate with our clients to customize programs to best meet their needs, and we help them document and institutionalize the succession planning process.

At telos, we partner to:

  • Align board views on business strategy, so that boards and executive leaders are in a position to better identify the kind of future leader they need.
  • Build profiles for the CEOs and leaders of today and tomorrow, enabling potential candidates to be objectively measured against accurate competency profiles.
  • Identify and assess internal and external candidates, using our rigorous assessment methodologies.
  • Create a development plan for the internal talent pipeline, involving training, mentoring, feedback, and coaching.
  • Implement a development plan specifically for near- and mid-term CEO candidates.
  • Transfer knowledge to sustain the succession planning process, and enable boards to meet their long-term succession planning responsibilities.

beyond the C-suite

A proper succession strategy extends beyond the C-suite. Our powerful diagnostic methods create a more complete view of the internal and external pipeline, and reveal how the organization’s succession planning is—or is not—producing the leaders it needs. We then help clarify, enhance, design, and build a more sustainable process.

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How we helped a major U.S. retailer

business needs:
The Board of Directors of a publicly traded US-based retail organization sought a trusted partner to help guide its CEO succession planning process.

telos leveraged its systems thinking approach to change management by building a comprehensive plan to address the clients succession planning initiative. This plan included elements designed to catalogue the organizations strategic direction, gather relevant cultural data from a varied set of stakeholders, assess current internal leaders, and create opportunities to develop the current leadership team and the individuals that comprise this team. In our view, leadership is a team sport, and no one person will ensure the future success of any organization, so aligning the company’s strategy, with its CEO, with the team that supports the CEO, with the confidence of the Board, are all factors that help ensure success for any organization and it’s Chief Executive.

An alignment of culture, business strategy, leadership skill sets, team dynamics, and external messaging was achieved to prepare and ensure the organization’s continued success.

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